5 Exercises to Avoid if you have Hip Pain

Feb 20, 2023 Dr Sonal Gupta

5 Exercises to Avoid if you have Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common complaint among adults. Brought on by a wide range of factors, hip pain can prove to be both traumatic and debilitating. According to orthopedic surgeon in Agra at the best orthopedic hospital in Agra,

Pain in the outer buttocks, upper thighs, and outside of the hip may be confused for hip pain, but this is likely the result of issues with the muscles, ligaments, and soft tissue surrounding the hip joint, and tendons.

While the usual course of action for hip pain treatment involves pain-relieving medications, some rest, and some exercise, experts recommend avoiding these 5 workouts when afflicted by hip pain. Read further to know more.

Trekking and Hiking

While trekking and hiking are high-intensity workouts likely to burn quite a few calories, those with hip pain would benefit from avoiding these exercises. Walking or hiking on uneven surfaces with poor footwear is tough on the joints and not recommended for those with hip pain.

Avoid Hip Flexion Workouts

Any exercises involving Hip Flexion motions wherein you are repetitively bringing your leg or hip up to your chest can further aggravate hip pain according to experts at the best orthopedic hospital in Gurgaon

Avoid Deep Squats and Lunges

Deep squats and lunges are best avoided if you suffer from hip pain.

Avoid Standing Exercises

If hip pain is excessive and markedly chronic, it is best to avoid standing exercises that can put further pressure on your hips. The leading orthopedic surgeons in Gurgaon suggest sitting and lying down exercises, along with water exercises.

Avoid Weight Bearing Workouts

Using weights and devices that apply more weight to your hips can aggravate chronic hip pain. While avoiding certain workouts to prevent worsening hip pain is recommended, ongoing hip pain is best checked by an expert.

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